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Back in 2004, residents in the two small rural villages of Newton-on-Rawcliffe and Stape in North Yorkshire were struggling with dial-up internet access. A semi-retired engineer and enthusiastic radio amateur called Billy Garrett moved to Newton and greatly improved the situation for the benefit of himself and his neighbours through the use of an experimental outdoor Wi-Fi system.

Word spread and gradually the multi-megabit network grew to include about 25 homes on the edge of the North York Moors whilst many homes in towns such as Pickering were getting less than one megabit per second! Run as an affordable “community network”, the wireless radio signal was often bounced from property to property to achieve best signal coverage and thus one neighbour was able to help another. Clearly the formula was a winner, customers were delighted and Beeline Broadband Ltd was formed.

Fast forward to today and Beeline continues to provides high speed wireless Internet to many homes and businesses in the area which would otherwise have been left behind by the “digital revolution”. We can provide reliable symmetric connections of up to 30 Mbps enabling both rural and town-based customers to communicate with friends, shop online, watch YouTube / BBC iPlayer, play online games and work from home.

One other advantage of having a high speed Internet connection is that it can improve your mobile phone signal through the use of a booster (femtocell) device. Using a SureSignal (Vodafone), Boostbox (o2) or Home Signal (Three), your mobile phone can make and receive calls through your broadband connection. If you’re an EE customer with a compatible smartphone then you don’t even need to buy a box because you can use EE’s Wi-Fi Calling system.

If you want to ditch BT completely, you can even use a landline phone on your broadband connection by using a small Internet Phone Adapter such as the Cisco PAP2T along with a VOIP (voice over IP) provider such as SIPgate. There are no ongoing monthly costs and you’ll get a geographical phone number just like a conventional phone line. Ask us for details.

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