High Speed Wireless Internet for Rural Ryedale

High Speed Broadband for Home and Business Users

There are many reasons why Ryedale is a great place to live but unfortunately, for many rural residents, fast Internet is not one of them. Internet speeds required to stream video, play games, work from home and even shop online are not achievable using telephone network due to the long distances involved.

At Beeline Broadband we have a solution: a fast, reliable wireless broadband network covering much of the area between York and Scarborough. If you are struggling to achieve more than a couple of Mbps with your current connection, the chances are that we can vastly improve that.

We offer connection speeds ranging from 15 Mbps to 60 Mbps, starting at £33 per month including VAT.

Get More From the Internet with Fast Broadband

You can use your fast broadband connection in even more ways than you might think. Here are some examples:


Watch BBC iPlayer, Netflix, YouTube and other catch-up and on-demand video services.


Faster browsing makes online shopping easier and more enjoyable. Improve your odds of winning eBay auctions.


If you use a syncing service such as iCloud you will notice how much more quickly and effortlessly your devices sync photos, videos and documents amongst themselves.


Improve your skills in multiplayer online games on your PlayStation, XBox or PC.


Stream music from Spotify, Deezer, iPlayer Radio, Apple Music and other streaming services.


Work from home by connecting to your employer’s VPN, using remote desktop sessions, and participating in video conferences.

Boost Your Mobile Phone Signal

Fast broadband opens up the possibility of improving your mobile phone signal through the use of a booster (femtocell) device. Another option is Wi-Fi Calling, if you have the right mobile phone and your provider supports it. Check the details with your mobile phone provider or ask us for advice.

Replace Your Landline

If you want to ditch BT completely, you can even use a landline phone on your broadband connection by using an Analogue Telephone Adapter along with a VOIP (voice over IP) provider such as Vonage. There’s no line rental and you’ll get a geographical phone number just like a conventional phone line. Ask us for details.