Our network covers many locations and villages in and to the south of the North York Moors. In fact, it spans an area similar to that within the M25 motorway. Despite this, because of the nature of radio connections there will be areas which are not yet able to receive our signal.

Therefore we invite potential new customers to contact us in the first instance mentioning their full address so that we can gauge the likelihood of being able to provide a connection. We can give an initial prognosis based on the results of our mapping and link simulation software. On the arranged day of connection, we always do a signal survey prior to equipment installation and if the signal strength is lower than required then we would cancel the installation at no cost to you.

Places covered by the Beeline Broadband network

As a rough guide, our network coverage currently includes:

...as well as other yet to be identified areas. This list was last updated on 20th April 2022.

We're always improving our coverage

If the outcome of a signal survey at your premises is not positive then with your permission we will keep a record of your enquiry in order to build a picture of which areas have the highest demand. If enough people in your locality become interested in obtaining a high speed wireless Internet connection, we may be able to justify investment in a network extension in order to provide new service.