There are various methods and pieces of equipment we make use of in order to achieve reliable Internet connections and we will be happy to discuss these prior to taking your order and/or on the day of installation. In the first instance, please get in touch to discuss the possibility of a connection and the best choice for your individual situation.


Installation appointments are arranged at a convenient time to suit you. Beeline’s expert engineers usually take 2-3 hours to install radio and cabling but this can take longer for more complex installations and lengthy or difficult cable runs.

Standard Installation

  • Includes an outdoor radio receiver and a compact and unobtrusive antenna
  • For customers in good signal areas and straightforward installation requirements
  • Our standard sized outdoor radio receiver is around 19cm diameter
£180 inc VAT

Level 2 Installation

  • Similar to standard installation except usually a larger dish is installed
  • For customers where signal is weak or connection isn't straightforward
  • Bigger dish (40/50 cm) gives a better connection especially for premium packages
  • Also relevant for complex, lengthy or difficult cable runs
£240 inc VAT

Level 3 Installation

  • Useful where a dedicated repeater or cabling system is needed for example
  • Relevant for customers needing a bespoke or specialised solution
  • Sometimes needed when integration with a complex existing network is required
  • Please get in touch to discuss options
£360 inc VAT

All packages include a free Wi-Fi router. Boosters can be supplied as optional extras.
Radio remains property and responsibility of Beeline Broadband to maintain.