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14 days ago

Recently Resolved Incidents

Network outage

Reported Saturday 25th March 2023, 19:30, resolved 19:55


We have an outage this evening and are currently investigating


Service is now restored

Planned maintenance

Work started Wednesday 22nd March 2023, 09:30, completed 12:27

We are planning an upgrade to the backup power system on a mast in the Wrelton area and affected customers will experience an intermittent/offline connection whilst the work is undertaken during the maintenance window which is 09:30-10:30 on Wed 22 March.

Service may resume earlier or later than 10.30am depending on how the job goes. Please do not attempt to reset or re-wire your router! Your broadband connection will resume automatically when the work is complete.

Please inform any other family members or colleagues who share your connection and would appreciate knowing about the work. Many thanks for your support and understanding.


Work has been completed successfully

Network Outage

Reported Friday 17th March 2023, 18:38, resolved 19:13


Some customers may be experiencing connectivity issues - we are urgently looking into the problem.


Service is now restored

Network outage

Reported Wednesday 15th March 2023, 01:00, resolved 09:00


Broadband connections are down for some customers due to a mast fault. We are working on restoring service as soon as possible so thank you for your understanding


Fault is affecting primarily Stape area customers and is due to a core routing fault upstream in London. We are attempting to re-route network traffic until the fault is resolved.


Service is restored via a temporary re-route through Brawby. We will revert back to the primary London route later when we have confirmation that the fault is resolved so there may be a short outage to follow later (estimate 1-2 mins)