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Recently Resolved Incidents

Mast Outage around Sproxton and Leppington

Reported Tuesday 30th November 2021, 21:33, resolved 22:30


We are currently experiencing a power cut at one of our masts we are working on restoring power as soon as possible

Outages and degraded performance due to Storm Arwen

Reported Friday 26th November 2021, 20:47, resolved Monday 29th November 2021, 17:00


Some customers are seeing severely reduced signals and broadband speeds due to the bad weather. We are monitoring the situation and expect the service to return to normal when the weather improves

Saturday 27th November, 07:15

Around a quarter of all Beeline customers went offline overnight during Storm Arwen. We believe this is mostly or entirely due to power cuts. Northern Powergrid’s website is currently down (presumably due to overloading) but their Twitter account reports significant damage to the power network.

We expect that broadband service will be restored for those affected when power is restored to their properties, upstream relays and Beeline masts

Saturday 27th November, 14:24

Some customers’ power supplies have now been restored but clearly Northern Powergrid are struggling in the face of the continued adverse weather conditions. Some of our Beeline mast backup batteries are now starting to approach depletion so further broadband services may go offline over the coming hours if power is not restored in time.

Saturday 27th November, 15:00

Northern Powergrid report on Twitter that nearly quarter of a million properties have lost power.

Monday 29th November, 11:33

Power has been restored to many people over the weekend but not yet everyone. We have around 50 subscribers still offline so are working through to determine which are due to them still being without power and which are offline most likely due to storm damage to Beeline equipment.

If you have power but no broadband please check your receiver dish to ensure it has not blown down or swung round in the wind. Then please get in touch and we can discuss and book a repair visit if needed.

Monday 29th November, 17:00

Most subscribers are now back online. Please get in touch if you have electricity but no broadband.

Network performance issue

Reported Tuesday 23rd November 2021, 15:28, resolved 17:24


Some customers are experiencing slow connections. We are investigating the root cause


Problem appears to be due to core router error. We are continuing to monitor


Service is restored for the moment

Outage in Stonegrave / Cawton

Reported Sunday 21st November 2021, 16:13, resolved 18:55


We have an outage this evening in Stonegrave / Cawton and are currently investigating


Fault appears to be due to a mast radio failure so engineers are on their way


Faulty mast radio has been replaced and service is restored

Network outage

Reported Saturday 20th November 2021, 07:05, resolved Sunday 21st November 2021, 06:27


We have a partial outage this morning and are currently investigating


Issue is resolved for the moment. Appears to have been a routing fault in London. We will continue diagnosis


Currently down again


Back on now after reinitialising the London router network interface


Currently down again


Connectivity will likely remain intermittent for the rest of the day. We have engineers travelling to the London data centre and will perform remedial emergency overnight maintenance 00:00-04:00 Sun 21 Nov

Sunday 21st November, 06:27

Overnight work has completed and we believe the fault is resolved. Thank you for bearing with us