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Up until 2004, residents on the B-road destinations surrounding Newton-on-Rawcliffe and Stape in North Yorkshire, were struggling with dial-up internet access.

This situation was considerably improved for the residents of Newton and Stape by the formation of Beeline Broadband Ltd in 2004.

This new service gradually grew to about 25 homes on the edge of the moors above while some homes in and around Pickering were getting less than 1Mb/s.

This was achieved with the advice and encouragement of Andy Rutter from Malton, by engineer and Radio Amateur, Billy Garrett (G1WRG), who used to teach engineering and IT skills to students in Bradford and Leeds and took his experience with him when he semi-retired to Newton.

Now, since 2009, thanks to NYnet, NextGenus and Quiet PC, Beeline Broadband is able to provide symmetric connections of up to 15 Mb/s enabling rural and town based customers to join the digital age, communicate with friends, shop online, watch YouTube videos, play online games and even work from home.

Current coverage map

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